Doing our part for the environment

Berrylite started with a holistic vision of encouraging recycling and inspiring others by giving back to our communities. We believe in giving back to the society because we care about the people around us.

Our recycling philosophy is practiced right from the beginning and we only use products of high recycling value wherever possible.

In the course of serving fresh, delicious and all-natural 100% fat-free frozen yogurt, we have not forgotten about our environment. We believe in saving our environment and minimizing the impact we have on our environment for the future.

For example, do you know that our biodegradable cups take only 88 days to break down? And our plastic bags are 100% degradable and will leave no harmful residue?

Note: All Berrylite plastic bags are made with d2wR plastics. d2wR environmentally-responsible oxo-bio plastic can be reused and recycled, but will degrade and disappear in a short time, leaving no fragments, methane, nor harmful residues. It has been extensively tested and proven by independent test laboratories. For more information, please visit